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TAC (Tax & Accounting Club) is a community engaged in the scientific field in the accounting department. Each of its activities TAC studies accounting and taxation materials to increase knowledge to prepare for competition.
TAC aims to accommodate and gather students majoring in accounting who are interested in participating in competitions to improve achievement.
History of TAC
TAC was formed in 2019. This idea emerged at the end of 2018, which began with the absence of a forum that gathered students majoring in accounting to prepare for competitions in accounting and taxation.
The founders of TAC are:
1. Asman Yusuf
2. Fajar Wahyuni
3. Rizky Agusti Alexander
4. Elita Eradika Widianingrum
5. Felicia Krisnindia Namora
Leader & Vice Leader in 2023: Taufikurrahman & Syifa Kartika
Vision & Mission of TAC
"Making TAC as a forum that moves actively in participating in accounting and taxation competitions both at the National and International levels as a form of developing the interests and talents of accounting students in obtaining achievements."
1. Conduct education on accounting and taxation. 
2. Actively participate in accounting and tax competitions, both at national and international levels.
3. Growing and strengthening the sense of kinship of TAC members.
Management Structure of the TAC
Social Media:
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📞 (Kartika)

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