Akuntansi Peduli 2023

Akuntansi Peduli (Accounting Cares) is one of the working programs carried out by the Accounting Student Association. Under this work program, we engage in Community Service initiatives such as Social Service, Go Green, Free Medical Treatment, and Blood Donation.

The responsibility for Akuntansi Peduli lies with the Chairman of the Accounting Student Association, Farhan Badiuz, and the Vice Chairman, Ramadhan Hadisaputro.

The Project Officer for Akuntansi Peduli is Alvin Naufal, and the Vice Project Officer is Nuridha.

In the Social Service aspect, we conduct voluntary contributions for the benefit of the community. This can involve various activities, including assisting the less fortunate, providing education to needy children, building infrastructure in remote areas, and providing assistance in emergency situations.

At Akuntansi Peduli, we encourage everyone to get involved and contribute according to their capacity and talents. Age, background, or specific abilities should not be barriers to becoming agents of change. Every small action has a significant impact, and through collaboration and solidarity, we can bring about positive and sustainable changes.