CMSS Work Meeting 2022/2023

CMSS News - Hallo, Young Investor! Starting the 2023 period, CMSS held a work meeting which was held at Ikabama Depok on Sunday, 19 February 2023. This work meeting was attended by all CMSS members as work meeting participants and several representatives from MPM and HMJA as work meeting observers.

In work meetings, each bureau and department in CMSS presented work programs and agendas to be implemented during the current period. These bureaus and departments include the CDR Bureau, Administration Bureau, Education Department, Exploration Department, Investment Gallery Department, and Public Relations Department.

With the ratification of the work program and agendas through this work meeting, it can be ascertained that the start of the work program and agendas of each bureau and department will take place in March 2023.


Author : Rachel Verneta Pasaribu
Edithor : Lestari Oktaviana
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